Anti-Fatigue, Anti-BlueRay Protective Eyewear


Protect those eyeballs!
Did you know your eyes can get fatigued or even damaged from harmful blue rays emitted from TVs, computer screens and mobile devices?
Most of us are in front of a computer screen several hours at a time either at home, at work or both and the same easily applies to gamers.
Now you can protect your eyes from excessive strain and harmful blue rays all day and look cool doing it!

This protective eyewear features:

  • Frame Material:Plastic
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Frame Color:Black
  • Lens color:clear/subtle blue
  • Lens thickness:8mm
  • Usage:To protect against eye fatigue and eye damage associated with blue ray emitting computer screens and devices
  • Package includes:1x pair of Brightzone anti-fatigue/anti-blueray computer glasses, 1x cleaning cloth and protective case

Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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